Search engine marketing directly focuses on making your small business easier to find by customers with SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO is the wonderful and powerful process of increasing your site position and page rank organically through correct set up of your site, and using quality backlinks, effective keywords and building an online community. It is, by and large, the most effective way to increase traffic to your website. 

Clever businesses invest thousands of dollars each month into landing and keeping the top spot. And with only 9% of searchers scrolling past page one, you can see why. So why should your small or medium sized business invest in SEO? 

Embrace small business SEO and generate the leads you actually want

Like with many digital marketing techniques, a major benefit of SEO is the ability to target the right people. Unlike a TV commercial which costs tens of thousands and is screened to a blanket viewership which may-or-may-not contain your target customers. SEO relies on target market profiling to ensure the right keywords are being maximised for the right customers. For example, if you’re on page one of Google for “Ladies Hairdresser Mosman”, you’re highly visible to someone who is actively searching for a ladies hairdresser in Mosman. This compares with paying for a print ad in a beauty magazine where you’re paying for not just your target market, but their entire readership. 

Increased brand exposure

The keyword “Builder Sydney” has on average 260 searches per month on Google. That means, if you’re not on page one for that keyword, you’re losing up to 236 new leads every month (with 91% of searchers not going past page one). Consider Google a digital billboard – and if you’re not up there, you might very well not exist to some customers. 

Build the credibility of your brand

In business, appearances matter. And sometimes this is as simple as where your website is ranked on Google. Many customers are quick to dismiss a business which doesn’t sit in the top spots on Google. Remember, marketing is all about building trust – and if Google doesn’t consider your website to be “trustworthy”, then why should a potential client? 

Safeguard yourself for the future

Many of our small business SEO clients aren’t just in the “growth” stage of business – rather, they are established organisations with a fantastic offline reputation and a booming customer base. So what would drive these businesses to invest heavily in Search Engine Marketing? As mentioned previously, SEO isn’t a “quick fix”. It’s not an ad in a magazine or a discount flyer in the letterbox. As any savvy business owner knows, there are always ups and downs and it’s important to protect yourself during the ups, so you can weather the downs. SEO is a long term solution which protects your small business by being your 24/7 salesperson. When the customer base shrinks, ensure your small business is at the top of the list (Google’s list, that is).

If you’re considering investing in SEO services for your business, contact Birdcage Marketing to discuss your options. With our basic local SEO packages starting from just $480 a month and offering comprehensive packages for more competitive markets, we have an option to suit your business requirements.