The Cupid Strategy Workshop

August 18th + August 25th 2021

Our essential workshop for you to carve out your dream customers and shape your brand to make sure they can’t help but fall in love with you through social media and email marketing.

Essential for all brands

About The Cupid Strategy Workshop

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Do you know where they hang out online?

What they dreams and desires are?

What problems keep them up at night?

Do you know what to say (and how to say it) so they stop and listen to you?

How to show them your brand holds the key to a better life?

How to make them so attracted to what you offer they can’t help but fall in love with you?


In this training we will cover:

  • Creating target audience personas to ensure your marketing messages (and cupids bow) hit the target
  • Defining your brand values, personality and all-important unique selling proposition to ensure your dream customers know you’re the one-and-only brand for them
  • How to use connection-based marketing to avoid sleazy selling tactics and instead ensure you’re as smooth as Clooney when he bagged Amal.
  • Creating a social + email marketing strategy that woos your audiences and makes them want to sing your name from the mountain tops.

We have very limited availability for this live workshop as we want to ensure we keep groups small.


This live workshop is for:

  • Both Product and service based-businesses in most industries
  • Business owners at the start of their journey and getting ready to launch their business
  • Business owners with an existing business who never completed a solid brand strategy before they launched 
  • Business owners with an existing business who are pivoting or changing direction
  • Marketing professionals new to the industry
  • Marketing professionals who want to develop their strategy skills

Target Audience Profiling

And we’re not talking about listing their age/sex/location/household income and leaving it at that. We’re going to go deep. And then we’re going to let our findings shape absolutely everything your brand does. That way; you’re a brand for the people rather than one selling to them.

Brand Development

Now, imagine your brand was a person. What do they value? What’s their personality? What are they great at? What do they make you feel? We answer all these questions (and more) to make your brand stand out in even the most saturated markets.


Content Strategy Planning

Now we’ve got your brand strategy sorted, it’s time to apply this to real-life marketing. Let’s plan your social and email content for the next 6-months so you know what to say, and when to say it (minus the overwhelm) to get your customers buying asap.

About your host

This workshop is created and presented live via Zoom by our founder; Maddy Avery. Get all the goodness from her 10+ years of industry experience, multiple uni degrees and countless industry trainings in this everything-you-need-and-nothing-you-don’t workshop specially designed for small business owners


Pricing & Registration 

Register today to secure your seat in our must-do workshop.

Delivered live via Zoom over 2 three-hour sessions.

Recorded session in case you’re unable to attend live or want to rewatch at any time

This workshop will be limited to a small group to ensure personalised training

Once payment is completed your spot is secure and you will be sent an email with further information closer to the workshop date

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