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Imagine how unstoppable you would be with a clear and confident approach to your brand launch or growth

No one does it like you can.

No one has your story.

Your passion.

Your ambitions.

And we need your dream customers to know it.


the secret sauce:

“People buy stories and magic; not products and services”



The reality is, there are plenty of other brands doing what you do and selling what you sell. But, the reason why your customers buy from YOU, is because they want to buy in to your brand story; to be part of your universe. 

Before launching any new business or new growth campaign, you need to be ultra-clear on your brand strategy and ensure your digital sales strategy reflects this at every turn.

That’s what our strategy services can do for both startup and existing brands.

Our speciality lies in lifestyle brands, however we have strategy experience across a huge range of sectors including professional services, hospitality, online training and SaaS.

Brand strategies to make you instantly irresistible

The What and Why

Magnetise your best customers without the frustration, sleazy selling or endless promoting.

From $1,600 ex GST

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Your brand is more than your logo. It’s the entire experience you deliver your customers. From your voice across your socials, to the types of images you use on your website, and what you stand for as a brand. As a small business, your brand strategy is very often a reflection of your own values; but it’s how we position these values in direct response to your customers’ needs that build a brand with raving fans.

We recommend completing a brand strategy:

  1. If you’re just launching a business
  2. If you’re refocusing or pivoting your existing business
  3. If you’re about to launch into full-scale growth campaigns and have never completed a brand strategy previously

Our brand strategies are grounded in mapping out your audiences, understanding their pain points and then positioning your brand as the ultimate solution to these pain points. It’s how we many you invaluable to your customers and leverage “pull” (rather than salesy “push” marketing) so you’re magnetic to your ideal customers.

Digital Sales Strategies to light the path to success

The Where and How

Avoid the overwhelm, random marketing and unclear results with your structured, actionable map to success city.

From $2,400 ex GST

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Digital Sales Strategy for Small Business

Your digital sales strategy is where we take the brand strategy one step further, and build out actionable frameworks on the most lucrative digital platforms. It’s where we map out your customer’s buyers journey and get clear on the messaging you need to guide them through your funnel to become not just paying customers, but loyal advocates who’ll do the selling for you. 

Our Digital Sales Strategies will include frameworks for the following platforms;

  • Website (Audit + Recommendations)
  • Facebook (Organic + Paid)
  • Instagram (Organic + Paid)
  • Pinterest (Organic + Paid)
  • Google Ads
  • Organic Google Presence
  • Email automations and eDMs

We can also recommend steps for influencer marketing and PR, however these are not part of our core services.

After workshopping the strategy with you, you’ll have a clear roadmap for self-implementation of strategies and full costings from Birdcage if you’d like us to manage these for you. Often clients choose a combination of both and we love it that way.

Feedback from past Strategy clients

“It’s so awesome, I could cry!”


“Julie is amazing! I really love the brand strategy she put together and how she translated my ideas, visions and plans into the design and the copy. Everything she produces is of highest quality. I feel so supported a long the journey. She understood my ideas very well, attended to every details that I requested, delivered it on time and even beyond expectations.”


“It’s finally coming together! Thank you so much Madeline for understanding everything I had in my mind but couldn’t seem to get clear on paper. I feel so clear and unstuck (finally). I thought I knew who my target audiences were but not to this level of detail and I now understand how my brand needs to be presented to them so they understand the value we can provide. I’m so excited to put this into action”


Experience our transformational strategy experience


1 – 1.5 hour strategy call where we ask our carefully crafted questions to get inside your brand and also challenge you to consider new perspectives of your brand


We spend time researching, brainstorming and crafting the first draft of your strategy and then send it back for your review and feedback.


Together, we will workshop the strategy until you’re satisfied with the end result (although, all of our past strategies have had minimal workshopping as we tend to nail it right away)


Want to join our Universe?

It all starts with us getting to know your business situation. We then can recommend the best solution for you.