Womens Shoe Brand



The Client

The client has a range of unique sandles and accessories that are handmade on the island of Menorca, Spain. Their products cater for women and children of all ages and sizes, with different styles, colours and patterns.

The Challenge

The client had been running their social media and Facebook Ads campaigns for a little while, but weren’t seeing the results or conversions they wanted. They came to Birdcage Marketing for assistance with their Facebook Ads to reach their specific target audience better and generate more conversions.

The Solution

Birdcage Marketing created a comprehensive Facebook Ads campaign for the client. By using data from previous campaigns combined with our new research, strategies and skills, the client saw a huge boost in their conversions.



After running the Facebook Ads campaigns there was a dramatic change in sales for the client.

The use of our research, data collection and strategies allowed us to target a specific target audience for the client. By finding this audience we were able to target and retarget the clients ads to them.

The client’s online store is now thriving, with their customer base only growing bigger everyday.

Ad Spend: $68.93

Return On Ad Spend: $93.41

Purchase Value: $6,438.95

Facebook Ads Results | 2020

Facebook Ads Results | November 2019

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