Red Belly Active



The Client

Red Belly Active was founded in Australia by golfing friends and designers. Named after the many iconic red bellied black snakes living on the golf course, Red Belly Active disrupt the golf and active apparel industry with a daring and different point of view. 

The Challenge

The client first came to Birdcage Marketing with a great concept for their golf apparel brand, but needed guidence on how to define who they are as a business.

After first working with Red Belly Active, they came back to Birdcage Marketing for more! They had a range of awesome products that just weren’t reaching their potential in sales. Their website wasn’t doing the job, they wanted to change the design and update the layout for a fresher look.

The Solution

Brand Strategy
Website Design
Social Media
Facebook Ads
Logo Design


This is an ongoing campaign

Birdcage Marketing created a website that gives customers the confident, adventurous, fun and fearless energy of Red Belly Active. The website showcases the client’s range of products, highlighting the style, comfort and quality of their activewear.

The Facebook Ads that we ran helped the client reach their ideal target audience that they previously had troubles reaching. Although the waves of COVID-19 have dramatically effected the economy and are still are to this day, the Facebook Ads still showed higher click-through-rates and landing page views than previous campaigns.

There were almost 1500 landing page views in less than 3 weeks, which is growth from the previous month that brought in 975 landing page views. We are continuing to adapt and adjust our campaigns to power through COVID-19.


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