Pet Food Brand



The Client

The client is a pet food brand delivering fresh, raw, nutrious pet meals right to your door.

Their mission is to make feeding your furry family members more convinient, while ensuring your pets are receiving all of the best vitamins from all natural ingredients.

The Challenge

The client came to Birdcage Marketing wanting to have a clearer vision of who they are as a brand, as well understanding their customer journey.

They were also looking for some help in driving traffic to their website as they just weren’t getting the numbers that they needed.

The Solution

  • Customer Journey Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEO


Birdcage Marketing created a Customer Journey Strategy for the client which gave them a clear insight into how their customers act and why they act this way. This is a useful tool when targeting and retargeting ads to customers so the ads can be customised to grab the customers attention depending on what part of the journey they are at.

The Facebook Ads were the stand-out part of the whole project, with traffic being driven to their website like never before!

Facebook Ads Results | June 2019

Amount spent: $14.39

Cost Per Purchase: $4.80

Purchase Conversion: $578.40

Return On Ad Spend: $40.19


The combination of Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Ads and organic social media posts took the pet food brand to a new level of growth.


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