Lavana Wholefoods



The Client

Lavana Wholefoods is a Vegan meal service based in Melbourne, focused on nourishing your body with nutritious plant-based meals in the most convenient way possible. 

Each meal is made by hand with passion, and delivered straight to your doorstep.


The Challenge

As one of the first vegan meal delivery services in Greater Melbourne, Lavana Wholefoods saw success early on. However, with more players coming to the field and experiencing rapid growth whilst Lavana’s sales remained consistent, the client came to Birdcage Marketing with a desire to amplify her existing customer base. 

The Solution

Birdcage Marketing completed an audit of the existing website and completed a homepage redesign to better engage and educate site visitors with the end goal to increase conversions. 

We then launched a full-scale Facebook Ads campaign which focused on split-testing audiences and leveraging time-sensitive offers which coordinated with order cut-off times.  

Our team also created an abandoned cart email for the client, which is automatically sent to customers who leave items in their cart without making a purchase on the site. This is to encourage those customers to follow through with the purchase, again increasing the clients conversions.


This is an ongoing campaign and the below results reflect the initial 4-months of engagement. As a rule, we expect to see results improve as the campaign progresses. 

Lavana Wholefoods went from steady sales to being at capacity in a few short months of working with us. In the first month alone we returned a ROAS (return on ad spend) of $7.23 (for every $1 spent, $7.23 was returned) and we’ve seen consistently similar results now in month 4 of the campaign. 

What’s even more impressive is that we were able to gain an add-to-cart conversion value of $72,819.90 across the 4-months of engagement.

The abandoned cart automated email is now live. As this has just been put in place (Late August 2020), there is no data available to determine results, but we are positive this will decrease abandoned carts from the website and increase purchase conversions. 

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