Elysian Retreat



The Client

Elysian Eco Retreat is a family owned-&-operated boutique island retreat located in the Whitsundays, the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

Set on the southern tip of Long Island, nestled among lush, tropical gardens with a rain-forest covered mountain as a backdrop, Elysian is one of the finest oceanfront resorts in the Whitsundays.

The Challenge

Elysian Retreat came to Birdcage Marketing during the midst of the COVID-19 restrictions.

With international travel closed, their business was feeling the effects of the worldwide pandemic, and needed help moving forward.

The Solution

  • Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Facebook Ads Training


Birdcage Marketing created a Facebooks Ads strategy for Elysian Retreat targeted at domestic travellers. This strategy gave the client a clear insight into who their new target audience should be and how they can reach them through Facebook Ads campaigns, resulting in more visitors (sales!).

As well as creating the strategy, Birdcage Marketing also provided Facebook Ads training to the client so they could run their own campaigns. This was a great, affordable option for the client.

The combination of the Facebook Ads strategy and the training provided by Birdcage Marketing transformed business for Elysian Retreat. They went from almost closing their doors to receiving amazing traffic and conversion results (shown below).

BEST: Reach, Impressions, Amount Spent, ROAS & Purchases Conversion Value

TOTAL: Reach, Impressions, Amount Spent, ROAS & Purchases Conversion Value

We recently worked with Birdcage Marketing to try and improve our social media advertising and we can only say “WOW!”

With the border closures and our market being from predominantly international and interstate we were dangerously close to closing our doors.

Almost immediately we saw an incredible increase in traffic to our website as well as a high conversion and click through rate! We received a return on investment of $133 to every dollar spent, just amazing results!

We can highly recommend working with Madeline and Tenai to improve your advertising campaigns and to see an enormous growth in business and for us occupancy. It was so easy and they were so great at explaining everything to us.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Birdcage!


Elysian Retreat

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