Move over Facebook and Instagram, there’s a new social media marketing powerhouse in town. 


If you thought Pinterest was just for planning your dream wedding or that exotic vacation in the Greek Islands, then think again. The beauty of Pinterest is that it is THE platform for inspiration. It is a visual search engine where over 450 million users are looking to find and share new ideas which means they are not only open to investigating a new brand, concept or product, they actually find it super helpful!

User engagement on Pinterest is high as the name of the game is to repin ‘Pins’ into curated boards on the users profile which essentially acts like a share, making your pin visible to their followers on a newsfeed type home page. This means unlike Facebook and Instagram’s chronological feed where older posts get buried never to see the light of day again, Pins have a higher shelf life where older pins gaining more traction is a common occurrence.

With pins getting more visibility over time and sending traffic to your website months after it was uploaded, Pinterest is one marketing opportunity you need to leverage.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

First up you will need to create a Pinterest Business Account. This will unlock some added marketing features that you don’t get as a consumer such as audience insights and analytics.

Once you have signed up to a business account here’s where the fun starts. You can begin adding your products as pins and creating boards on your profile. Log in to your business account and find the (+) that prompts you to ‘create a pin’. This will bring up your pin builder page and in just 5 steps your pins will be bringing in the website traffic.

1. Upload an image

High quality imagery is important if you want to grow on Pinterest. Make sure images are sharp, in-focus, properly show case your product or service and match your brand aesthetic.

2. Add a title to your pin

The title should relate to your product or service and should include keywords.

3. Add a description to your pin

Carefully creating a description that includes key terms is the secret to ensure you are showing up in your audiences search. For example if your business is baby products make sure you add searchable terms such as ‘organic baby blanket’ or ‘baby teething toys’ in to the description.


4. Add the URL to the product page on your website

This is where the magic happens! So your pin has popped up in the customers search, they like what they see and with one click they find themselves on your website. How easy is that?! All they need to do now is add to cart and their Pinterest dreams become a reality.


5. Add the URL to the product page on your website

Each board on your profile should have specific theme or purpose. Don’t try to think up catchy board names but instead use your best keyword phrases. Pinterest has a high domain authority which means your boards can also rank on search engines outside of Pinterest, how cool is that?

And that’s it! You just created your first Pin on your Pinterest business account and unlocked a whole new world of social media marketing!