Our Service Levels

Essentials, Signature or Academy; our service-level options

At Birdcage Marketing, we work with a wide range of startups, small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses span dozens of industries and a number of different stages of business and require a different level of service from us.

As such, we have created two different service offerings for our clients; Birdcage Essentials, Birdcage Signature and Birdcage Academy.

If you book a Discovery Call we will discuss our different service-levels. Your proposal will then include either Essentials-only, Signature-only or a combination of both for your review, depending on what you’ve told us.

Alternatively, many of our Birdcage Essentials packages are available for purchase direct through the website and include briefing questionnaires and additional resources for fast onboarding.

Birdcage Essentials


These are either our “foundations” options (i.e. Setups) or cost-effective packages for businesses with smaller budgets and are happy to use our established tried-and-tested formulas for business growth, with less room for customisation.

Best for

All businesses who require “setup” packages, and new businesses who need a quick, low-cost way to go to market and established businesses who want to dip their toe into digital marketing campaigns and see a moderate return-on-investment. This also suits clients who want to self-manage campaigns but are seeking professional advice/training prior to doing so.

How to sign up

Many Birdcage Essentials packages can be purchased directly through our website and include online briefing forms and instructional videos. This makes the onboarding process super-quick, resulting in quicker campaign setup turnarounds.

Discover our current Birdcage Essentials packages currently available for purchase through the website, by hitting the button below.

Alternatively, if you book a Discovery Call with us, we will quote these packages for you, based on what we discuss during your call.

Birdcage Signature


For businesses who want a tailored approach to their digital presence and marketing. Work direct with your own account manager, have access to calls and video conferences and enjoy a more time-intensive engagement from our team

Best for

new businesses who want a hands-off or highly managed launch strategy, or established business looking for results that will project them to the next level of revenue with moderate-high return-on-investment.

How to sign up

Signature packages can only be ordered after your Discovery Call where we will discuss your business requirements and send you a tailored proposal based on our recommendations.

Birdcage Academy


Our online training courses designed to empower business owners to grow their brands through the same digital marketing techniques we use for our clients. 

Best for

For business owners who prefer a more hands-on approach due to either budget restraints, or simply would prefer to DIY their digital marketing. 

How to sign up

Online training courses are only available for purchase via the website. Hit the button below to explore our current training courses available.