We grow lifestyle brands

Our signature growth process will amplify your brand to scale beyond 7-figures sustainably and have customers falling in love with you

We grow lifestyle brands

Our signature growth process will amplify your brand to scale beyond 7-figures sustainably and have customers falling in love with you


Want your brand to be seen and loved by thousands of hyper-ready customers?

(or are you cool with playing small and staying in the shadows?)


Hi, we’re Birdcage.

The growth-focused digital marketing agency for heart-centred, female-focused lifestyle brands.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At our core, we champion and proudly challenge ambitious brands to take their business places they never thought possible. When you work with Birdcage, you’re not just working with another agency offering to launch a website or run Facebook Ads.

When choosing us, you’re choosing to let us go all in with you.

We push you to establish and refine your brand strategy, your visual branding, your website. And, most importantly, the way you tell your story.

We ask the right (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions to perfect your brand positioning. Then, we use our finetuned skills to put you where your audiences are.

Then. You get to watch the real magic happen.

When connection meets problem-solving; you get hyper-ready customers who can’t help line up for youl credit cards at the ready, and have you sold-out before you even know what the heck just happened.



A small collection of client love vibes

We recently worked with Birdcage Marketing to try and improve our social media advertising and we can only say “WOW!”

With the border closures and our market being from predominantly international and interstate we were dangerously close to closing our doors.

Almost immediately we saw an incredible increase in traffic to our website as well as a high conversion and click through rate! We received a return on investment of $133 to every dollar spent, just amazing results!

We can highly recommend working with Birdcage to have enormous growth in business. It was so easy and they were so great at explaining everything to us.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Birdcage!


Elysian Retreat

I engaged Birdcage after speaking to several marketing agencies. I was building a business from start-up and wanted a unique offering and a beautiful brand.

Birdcage helped with every component, from brand development, website, social media and adhoc market projects. I couldn’t be more delighted at the results and have had many positive comments about my brand and website.

Most importantly, the team at Birdcage are excellent, easy to deal with, kind and flexible. I am now in a long-standing relationship with Birdcage where we work as a team on social media, website enhancements and adhoc marketing projects.

To be honest it feels as if we are all part of the same team which is wonderful when you are a sole trader. This arrangement keeps me on my toes and ensures that I give due commitment to important tasks.

I could not rate Birdcage highly enough. They have been instrumental in building my business


Performance in Health